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You may have reported a wide variety of symptoms and concerns—fortunately, the beauty of Functional Medicine is its ability to prioritize a single focus area for you, helping you achieve great results sooner.

We recommend you manage your weight through a strong, multi-pronged approach of blood sugar management, hormone balance, and detoxification.

The key here is to have a balanced approach. After all, we all know healthy, sustainable weight loss doesn’t come from extreme measures—or from diets with a single focus.

Instead, you can benefit from a diet that gives your body the kind of food it was designed to eat—fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats—versus the abundance of pre-packaged or highly-processed foods that are so abundant in our society (and contribute to weight gain). This whole foods approach offers a relatively low glycemic load and a high phytonutrient index, too. These smart food choices, along with other daily habits, will help you achieve and maintain a weight that feels good to you on a daily basis (and helps you avoid disease in the long term).

The good news? We can help. With a little knowledge and the right nutrition and care for your body (supplements, diet, and daily lifestyle), you can move towards a better state of health.

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