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Resetting the body’s immune balance to decrease inflammation

Main finding:

You probably reported a wide variety of symptoms and concerns—fortunately, the beauty of Functional Medicine is its ability to prioritize a single focus area for you, helping you achieve results sooner.

We recommend you focus on resetting your body’s natural immune balance to decrease inflammation—and feel better all around.

Inflammation is the body’s natural defense against damaged cells, viruses, and bacteria. During an inflammatory response, the body works to seal itself off from invaders, boosting production of white blood cells, infection-fighting cytokines, and immune cells. This response is generally a good thing!

However, sometimes inflammation can persist longer than it needs to. This is the flip side of the coin: where it causes more harm than benefit (including risk of chronic diseases). If you’re experiencing inflammation, you might be feeling symptoms like GI issues (diarrhea or constipation), joint pain, or skin problems, cardiac or neurological problems.

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