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Upregulating your immune system to create a shield against viruses, bacteria, and toxins

Main finding:

You probably reported a wide variety of symptoms and concerns—fortunately, the beauty of Functional Medicine is its ability to prioritize a single focus area for you, helping you achieve results sooner.

We recommend you focus on upregulating your immune system to create a shield against viruses, bacteria, and toxins—making it easier for your body to defend against many diseases.

Your immune system is made of many individual parts, and they all work together to protect you from infection. When your immune system is functioning properly, you’re able to go about your daily life more easily, not noticeably affected by the germs and bugs that you come into contact with through your interactions with pets, other people, and your overall environment. You can develop a healthy immune system by establishing a healthy gut through great nutritional choices.

On the other hand, an unhealthy immune system can result in you picking up infections and infectious diseases more easily. The effects here could be serious. Symptoms of a compromised immune system include slow-healing wounds, GI issues, frequent colds and infections, increased fatigue, and high stress levels.

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