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It's simple, really. We're here to bring the power of Functional Medicine to as many people as possible—and that's why we offer an approach that's flexible, easy, and affordable. Our digital platform lets you quickly identify the root cause/concern and address it through a personalized wellness plan that includes a food plan, meal planning guidance, supplements, and lifestyle guide.

Our most comprehensive and affordable offering is a personalized wellness program that includes a supplements subscription paired to your root cause. You can also purchase our carefully-crafted, research-based, Quality, GMP-certified supplements on their own.

In exchange for about five minutes of your time, you can immediate, personalized insights into your most important root cause that you need to address, it's the foundation of your personalized Wellness Plan.

We value simplicity and transparency. Supplements-only purchases are priced as marked. Wellness Plans include supplements, a food plan, meal planning guidance, and a digital lifestyle guide that adapts to your needs based on your responses from a check-in every 60 days. There are no hidden fees.

Yes, they are included on your Wellness Plan subscription costs. You just pay for applicable taxes if any and shipping.

You'll receive your supplements every month, delivered as a 30-day supply right to your doorstep.

Your Wellness Plan is specially formulated based on your Wellness Assessment responses. It includes a digital personalized food plan, meal planning guidance, a lifestyle guide, and supplements, too. Just like the rest of your Wellness Plan, these supplements are matched to you based on your Assessment responses. You'll receive 3-5 different supplements, depending on your plan. (You can also purchase supplements individually however, our Wellness Plan offers the most cost effective option).

Plans, Savings, Benefits

You'll have 24/7 digital access to a food plan, meal planning guidance, and lifestyle guide: all personalized to the root causes of your conerns. You'll also get a personalized set of supplements delivered right to your doorstep every month.

You'll get immediate access to all components of your plan: including a digital food plan, meal planning guidace, and a lifestyle guide. You'll also kick off your monthly subscription of a personalized set of supplements, delivered in 30-day supplies to your doorstep. Every 60 days we will check in with you to ensure that the Wellness Plan is working for you and if need be we will dynamically adjust your plan. If you opted for a plan that includes Mechanism Wellness consults we will work with you to schedule the consult

We know that the more people in a household committing to healthy change, the more successful everyone is! That's why we've built in a 5% discount to your Wellness Plan subscription for every family member who enrolls in their own Wellness Plan.

Yes. You'll receive 30-day supplies every month.

Yes. You may choose to, upgrade the plan, skip a month or cancel at any time. Just note that your supplements are auto-shipped monthly (to keep you in full stock), so we'll need at least 30 days notice in case of a cancellation. You can make these change from within your Account Management page.

Our Wellness Plan Plus and Premium also offers Wellness Consults which can be very beneficial to answer any question you may have about your wellness plan.

Account Management

You can update your shipping and/or billing address from within your Account Management page.

You can update your credit card information from within your Account Management page.

Please visit the Account Management page to reset your password.

Please email the Mechanism Wellness Support Team at with the details of your current user name and password and the requested change.

We're all about flexibility! If you have an ongoing subscription (to our Wellness Plan or to supplements alone), you may elect to skip a month from the Account Management page.

Please visit the Account Management page to cancel your subscription. Note that we require a 30-day notice of cancellation due to the monthly auto-shipment of your supplements.

Practitioner Affiliate and Referral Program

Our Practitioner Afficiliate Program gives healthcare practitioners the ability to use our efficacy-based, quality-tested, and practitioner-grade supplements in their practice. Additionally, participating practitioners get volume discounts for supplement purchases made by them or their patients.

Click here to complete a short registration form. (You can also access this link by clicking on "Affiliate Program" in the footer area of every page on our website.)

You can access your information from a link on your account page where all purchases made with your referral link/code will be listed. The individual must use your referral code/link every time they make a new purchase.

The referral credit is calculated by the number of purchases made with your link/code. This calculation happens at the end of each month, at which point any credit for that period is deposited to your account.

We are actively working on the functionality where you will be able to use the credit towards your purchanses, please stay tuned. Currently commissions earned are deposited to your account or a check is sent you within 15 days from the end of the month.

Health Consults

Health consults are with Mechansim Wellness coaches who are trainied in the Functional medicine approach to wellness.

If you opted for a Wellness Plan with Health Consults, we will work with you to set-up time for your consult with one of our trained coaches. We make every effort that all your consults are with the same health coach, however, we cannot gaurantee that.

Your Wellness Coach will make every effort to answer any questions you may have and if for any reason they need to seek guidance they have access to a lot of resources.

If you opted for a plan that includes a Health Consults, we will reach out to you and setup time.

Our Nutritional Supplements

No—so purchase with ease!

We always keep flexibility in mind—and so we designed our formulas to withstand fluctuating temperatures. Still, for optimal performance we suggest you keep them in a cool, dry place.

All of the ingredients can be found on the shop supplements page. If you clink on 'LEARN MORE’, you will find the full ingredient list and also details about the key ingredients. You can also find all the ingredients on the bottle.

All of our supplements are compatible with a ketogenic diet.

The FDA does not approve dietary supplements, but rather regulates them as food products. The responsibility for safety and quality lies with the manufacturer—and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our dietary supplements are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) FDA-certified facility in the US. We use the highest quality ingredients, tested for identity and purity by independent labs, and structure-function claims are supported by clinical research. 

All of our products are tested by a third party for purity, strength, composition, and contaminants. We ensure that every product even goes beyond Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the highest quality.

This is a great question! Check the bottle on each individual supplement (not all are the same!) for instructions on how and when to take it. You can also access the same information on our shop supplements page.

Each of our products are designed to be the building blocks to your routine. They are formulated to work to boost results and reach your goals! When taking your supplements please follow the instructions on how and when to take the supplements. Supplements with same instructions can be taken toegther.

If you pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you talk to your healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

We recommend checking with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplement routine in combination with any medication.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

You will have a tracking number on your order recipt which can used to track your order, can you also reach out to us over email and we will be happy to respond back.

You may return order(s) of Mechanism Wellness supplements as long as the bottle(s) have not been opened or otherwise tampered with. You must make the return shipment within 30 days of the original shipment date (not delivery date) to you.

We will give you a store credit as soon as the supplements are recieved by us, a refund could take longer based on your credit card/banking process.

Please email us the details (your order number, address and phone numnber) and we will be happy to check with our fullfillment agency.

Our goal remains to always get the products on time, shipping delays can occur due to unusual weather conditions or other disruptions not controlled by Mechanism Wellness.

Shipping costs are generally additional, Mechanism Wellness does offer free shipping based on the subscription or the order value, please check our website for details.

We are working on adding the ability to ship our products outside the United States, if you are interested please send us a note at and we will let you know as soon as we begin shipping outside the United States.

Most order will arrive within 2-3 days of shippment unless you have requested for expedited shipping


Corporate Clients

Your company can provide you with a link or a code to be able get your disccounts, please feel free to contact us if you need help.

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