Looking to further bend healthcare costs and introduce sustainable lifestyle changes for your employees?

That’s why we’re here.

Co-founded by a Fortune 100 benefits executive and seasoned health practitioners, Mechanism Wellness combines the time-honored Functional Medicine approach with a novel digital delivery mode. The result? A personalized corporate wellness program designed both for easy adoption and ongoing engagement across your diverse population.


We focus on addressing the root causes of health issues — not just symptoms. We deliver the value of personalized, holistic lifestyle guidance — not just a one-size-fits-all wellness program.

The benefits are clear...

For employees and their families

  • Low cost. Our digital delivery method drastically cuts down the cost of accessing the Functional Medicine approach to wellness.
  • High quality. Both our supplement formulations and our nutritional and lifestyle content are developed with the best research and the highest caliber of quality control measures

For companies

  • Low implementation lift. We make it easy to deploy and promote the program while continually engaging your workforce.
  • Healthcare cost containment. Enjoy a healthier and more productive workforce—and bend the cost curve over time by lowering instances of chronic illness.

There are two ways you can bring Mechanism Wellness to your employees:

Option 1 - Recommended

Employer-subsidized Wellness Benefit
  • Company-subsidized program (cost depends on subsidy and incentives)
  • Full communication support from the Mechanism Wellness team
  • Data for healthcare and productivity impact analysis

Option 2

Employee Voluntary Benefit Discount Program
  • No cost to the company
  • Full communication support from the Mechanism Wellness team
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