It’s about the science.
But it’s about the stories, too.

Founded with personal passion.

Mechanism Wellness co-founders Shakti and Mona Jauhar were well-positioned to discover Functional Medicine: Shakti, with his science and technology background and years of experience driving strategy for healthcare benefits for a major Fortune 100 company; and Mona, with her deep experience as a clinical dietician and Functional Medicine practitioner. Together, they are parents of a little girl who suffered from devastating migraines that took her out of school and even left her unable to walk around. The traditional medical system ran extensive tests, generated huge bills, and ultimately threw up its hands, offering an “untreatable” autoimmune diagnosis.


At the same time, Mona had her own health and wellness battles to fight.

She gained weight, struggled with gastric issues, and lost fine motor skills in her dominant hand, impeding her from executing countless daily functions, like cooking, driving, writing—even simply holding a cup of water. In fact, she had to resign from her role at a hospital as a result of her daily symptoms. She was eventually given the diagnosis of dystonia, a neurological condition, with little guidance in the way of a path forward beyond prescription drugs.

Mona wasn’t willing to accept this. She researched various diets for her and her family, found some immediate improvements, and tweaked the plans as needed. Over time, she found herself continually researching and refining—and becoming an ardent student of Functional Medicine along the way. In 2014, she enrolled at the Institute of Functional Medicine, expanding her deep nutritional expertise to the full practice of Functional Medicine. To date, she’s helped hundreds of patients discover the root causes of their ailments and find their way to better health through personalized, approachable wellness plans.


And her personal story has progressed alongside this larger story.

Mona has been able to reduce both her and her daughter’s symptoms significantly over the years: and positively transform her entire family’s way of life along the way.

As Mona helped more and more patients and the Jauhar household got healthier and ever more mindful—Mona and Shakti’s desire to see this kind of transformation at a larger scale only grew.

That’s how and why Mechanism Wellness came to being in 2019: to bring more people easy and affordable Functional Medicine benefits. To help them find the root cause (their body’s “why” behind their symptoms) earlier. For some, helping avoid chronic illness in the first place; for many others, curbing its impact.

That’s Mechanism Wellness’ Mission:

Bringing everyday people, simply and straightforwardly, to the underlying mechanism behind their visible symptoms—and helping them address that underlying root cause through a healthy, personalized wellness plan.

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