B The Force

Energy, cardiac & nervous system support

30 Capsules

B The Force is a complete Vitamin B complex solution that: 

  • 1. Promotes healthy metabolism of carbohydrates, fat, and alcohol
  • 2. Helps boost energy so that you can stay active 
  • 3. Supports the nervous system and brain health 
  • 4. Helps maintain a strong immune system
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Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free


Product Ingredients

A B-Vitamin, niacin helps keep your body’s cellular energy production running strong, while supporting normal, healthy lipid balance and cardiovascular health, without causing flushing


Acting as a coenzyme for over 100 different enzymes in your body, Vitamin B6 supports protein metabolism, provides mood support and helps maintain nervous system health.

Vitamin B6

An essential cofactor, Biotin helps maintain strong, healthy hair and nails, while providing support for immune function and skin health.


Necessary for the development of the neural tube in infants, Folate supports a healthy cardiovascular system and brain function while helping to guard against anemia.


An essential vitamin, B12 can help accelerate energy production and support hormone balance and neurotransmitter production for a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B12

Betaine HCL is a naturally-occurring amino acid that helps to support healthy digestion by promoting healthy gastric acidity.

Betaine HCL

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Frequently Asked Questions

B The Force is a complete B complex formula with methylated B vitamins to provide potent support for mood and hormonal balance, maintaining a healthy nervous system. It is also recommended for Individuals who are dedicated to maintaining and optimizing their energy, along with their metabolic, immune, and neurological health. This is a nervous system supplement formulated for those individuals who are deficient, or at risk for being deficient, in one or more of the B- complex vitamins.

Take 1 capsule of the supplement daily in the morning with food. With just 1 capsule a day, get a complete Vitamin B complex solution that offers brilliant energy, cardiac & nervous system support.

It takes this supplement about 3-4 weeks to show results. However, the results vary from person to person, depending on their unique condition/situation.

The standard delivery time for this product is between 5-7 business days.

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