Break It Down

Digestive enzymes for gas and bloating relief

30 Capsules

A unique blend that: 

  • 1. Supports the normal, healthy digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins 
  • 2. Can help ease gas and bloating
  • 3. May aid in soothing irritation from digestion issues
  • 4. Digestive enzyme blend to support healthy digestion 
    $24.70 $22.23

    Dairy Free

    Gluten Free

    Soy Free


    Product Ingredients

    Amylase supports digestion of complex carbohydrates to help keep your digestive system moving.


    Lactase supports healthy digestion of the milk sugar, lactose, to help in easing bloating and digestive upset.


    Another potent enzyme for protein digestion, acid protease helps optimize digestion to aid in decreasing bloating.

    Acid Protease

    A fat-digesting enzyme, lipase helps you enjoy the fats in the foods you eat while helping to ease digestive distress.


    A soothing herb, ginger supports improved digestion, promotes gastric motility and eases digestive complaints.

    Ginger Root Extract

    An ancient herbal remedy, peppermint leaf may help reduce the irritation of gas and bloating, stimulate healthy gastric and pancreatic enzymes and aid in optimizing digestion.

    Peppermint Leaf Extract

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